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As some of you reading this may never have celebrated St. Dwynwen’s Day before, (or even heard of it before my last post!) you may be struggling for ideas on how to celebrate it.

Essentially, you can just celebrate it exactly the same way in which you would celebrate Valentine’s Day. I’m sure Valentine’s cards have probably already arrived in shops, and of course boxes of chocolates are always available from the local supermarket. Whatever you do, I wouldn’t pick up a bouquet of flowers from the nearest petrol station.

I shall be joining the troop of singletons who shall be watching as this day of loved-up celebrations passes by like a ship in the night, for we have nobody to celebrate with. Don’t worry, I won’t be having a Bridget Jones moment and blasting out Celine Dion’s All By Myself whilst cramming my face full of chocolate I bought myself. (Well I can’t guarantee [...]

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Or St. Dwynwen’s Day as we call it in Wales.

Everyone knows that the 14th February is the day when couples around the world celebrate their love for the day widely known as Valentine’s Day. But not everybody knows that the Welsh have their very own Valentine’s Day, which falls on the 25th January each year.

So what’s the story behind Welsh Valentines?


Back in the 5th Century, there was a Welsh king named Brychan Brycheiniog (try saying that one five times fast!) who had twenty-four daughters, of which Dwynwen was known to be the most beautiful. Being the most attractive daughter, Brychan had set up an arranged marriage much to Dwynwen’s disapproval, for she had fallen in love with another.

A young man (a prince by some accounts) named Maelon Daffodril was the one who had captured Dwynwen’s [...]

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Going away to university made me realise just what we have here in Pembrokeshire.

I used to think nothing of being able to see the beach from my back garden. It takes me less than two minutes to drive to my nearest beach. At university, I was more than an hour away from a beach and it was the weirdest feeling in the world. But what struck me as more odd, was how it was totally natural to almost everyone around me.

Moving back here after graduation opened my eyes to see how incredibly lucky I am to have grown up in a place like Pembrokeshire. A place where you don’t just have one beach within a half hour drive, but a number of beaches. I can count at least six within a half hour drive of my house.

That’s 18 years of my life, where I have somewhat taken my surroundings for granted.

Hence, my plan for the year.

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January can be taken one of two ways.

Some find January to be the most miserable time of year, with the streets and shop windows looking awfully bare without a vast array of twinkly lights and smiling Santa’s. Some are tightening their money belts as they’ve been left with a good few pounds less than they’d budgeted for. Some force themselves to diet in an attempt to shed those extra few pounds which have somehow crept up on us – they must have been hiding in those Christmas jumpers and have decided to latch on to our warm, now rounding stomachs right? Sure.

I definitely am not one of those people.

Yes I ate too much food and spent too much money, but was it worth it?


I had a fantastic Christmas, possibly one of the best ever. I partied with my friends, [...]

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Ah New Years.

Known to be the biggest party night of the year, it’s always such a difficult decision how to spend it.

All you party animals out there, you have to make the tough decision where in the county to dance in the new year.  For those who prefer the quieter life, do you stay in with the family watching Jools Holland, playing board games and munching on a Chinese takeaway? Or, do you go to the aunt’s/neighbour’s/friend’s house where the wine will be flowing and you’ll definitely be feeling worse for wear the next morning, but it’s all worth it because you could kick your heels off and dance in the middle of the lounge rather than on a busy dance floor before spending a good hour struggling to get a taxi?

I have yet to decide. Much to the irritation of all my friends as they’re eager to make arrangements!

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