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The Blues are back again, and these are the type of blues we definitely don’t want to banish!

As many of you will know, I’m referring to the Tenby Blues Festival which is happening this weekend. An annual event since 2006, this event sees national, international and local artists come together to create this extremely popular event.

Live music sessions take place every evening within Tenby, alternating between The Fourcroft Hotel, The De Valence and Tenby Rugby Club. The festival is kicked off on Friday 15th at 5pm in The Fourcroft Hotel with a Friends of the Festival session, and goes on until past midnight with a late night session. Sessions on Saturday and Sunday evenings are both beginning in Tenby Rugby Club at 8pm and 7pm respectively. Artists include Adam Franklin who with be playing original songs on his ukulele and his guitar, DJ Eugene hosts a vinyl-only show, a very popular R’n’B band J Alexander and the Blues Devils will be playing as [...]

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That’s right. The most festive time of year is upon us.

(Heads up – if you’re a bit of a Scrooge, you may want to stop reading here)

Every year the same routine occurs. The early months of the year are always a bit dismal – the aftermath of Christmas, with constant talks of saving money and dieting. Then the spring comes along, bringing with it Easter and it’s okay to eat a chocolate bunny or two, because Christmas was long enough ago right? We’ve dieted long enough! Then of course summer approaches, enticing us to go to the beach with a barbecue, break out the bicycles and kayaks, and take a stroll along the coastal path taking in the beautiful views. Then it’s autumn’s turn – children go back to school and the holiday blues start to creep in as the days become shorter. And that’s when it happens.

During autumn every year, the enti [...]

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We like to think so!

Being a local in the shire, it’s impossible not to have heard by now that we have a celebrity in our midst. Jay James Picton has become the first Pembrokeshire resident to take to the almighty X Factor stage and even if you haven’t managed to catch him onscreen over the past few Saturday nights, you’ve surely seen him in the local newspapers. Chances are, you’ve probably become a supporter too, even if you don’t watch the programme.

Living in a place like Pembrokeshire, it’s easy to become a tight knit community as we don’t have many of the distractions that the big cities do. In some places it may be a struggle to remember all the names of your neighbours, but down this end of the country, we tend to know pretty much the entire village.  And probably most of the next village along too! So with this in mind, it’s not surprising people of Pembrokeshire [...]

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Or as some down this end of the world may say, Penblwydd Hapus.

Of course, I’m talking about Dylan Thomas. Referred to by many as one of the true literary greats, Dylan has become a true icon of Welsh history. Born on the 27th October, this Monday saw the celebration of 100 years to the day since his birth in 1914. Events have been taking place all across the world to commemorate his memory, with a special centenary festival taking place in Swansea.

Although Dylan was born in Swansea and spent much of his time writing in London where he stayed with his sister, there is a little town in Pembrokeshire which also held a special place in Dylan’s heart – Laugharne. It was at the Boathouse in Laugharne where Dylan and his wife Caitlin set their roots with their first family home. With a small writing shed set above the house on a cliff-top, it proved to be the most picturesque setting for a Welsh writer to spend the last four years of his life. And you can certainly understand [...]

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As you leave the house this Half Term, you’ll be surrounded by pumpkins, skulls and fake cobwebs. Seeing Frankenstein, Count Dracula or a Wicked Witch will be part and parcel of this school holiday, with sour sweets, gummy teeth and maybe even some chewy bats making an appearance in your child’s diet and that ever popular Michael Jackson song will no doubt be heard at some point during the week. It’s the one week during the year where it is acceptable to prank people with the sole purpose of frightening them.

As fun as Halloween may be, personally I’m more concerned with making plans for the next event on the calendar – Bonfire Night. Not one for trick or treating, watching a bonfire and a fireworks display is definitely much more my kind of thing. The mere mention of Bonfire Night immediately conjures up childhood memories of going along with my parents and older brother to see the local village display.

We would walk over to the village hall, thick winter coat [...]

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