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We’re all trying to watch the pennies here and there, and with school holidays, I understand that it can prove all too difficult to keep occupied but not spend an absolute fortune. Particularly when you have active children.

I myself don’t have children, but it’s not too long ago that I was a student so I totally understand the tricky balance between having fun and saving money.

Many make the mistake of thinking you can’t do both. But here in Pembrokeshire, there really is an abundance of things to do throughout the county, which you can do for little or no money.

There really is no need to live like a hermit. Although this may sometimes seem like the only answer!

Go look for hermit crabs instead!

Rock pooling – A perfe [...]

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Isn’t Easter a magical time of year?

It’s basically a hint at what we’re all looking forward to, the summer. With the clocks recently changing, the evenings are getting lighter which means the days are feeling longer. The sun is out that little bit more teasing us with warmer weather, leaving us all digging out our sunglasses and putting our umbrellas back into hibernation. (If only! We all know summer in Wales doesn’t guarantee sunshine and warmth!)

But springtime should be celebrated in its own right. After all, it is the best of both worlds. Sunny days allow for leaving the house without a coat, which is a welcomed opportunity after the bitterness of the cold winter. But the evenings still have a chill, meaning it’s still okay to get home from work and curl up with a blanket and a book!

And of course, spring is the season of Easter.

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Mothering Sunday…

Often confused with the Mother’s Day celebration in America, which is of entirely different origins, this coming Sunday sees us Brits honour our mothers.

Tradition claims that Mothering Sunday was first established to allow working children a day off from their working lives, and encourage them to visit and spend the day with their families. Way back when, children would leave their families and work as domestic servants instead. The mothering part to the day, it is said, comes from a religious encouragement to visit the church they attended whilst growing up – the church taking on the role of the “mother church” in this instance.

Nowadays, Mothering Sunday is more often known as Mother’s Day, and we Brits celebrate by showering our mothers with affections. Flowers, Sunday lunch, chocolates and champagne are among the [...]

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The world’s biggest dog show is happening in Birmingham this weekend, and you surely know by now, that we at Coastal Cottages do love all things dogs. Crufts celebrates all things dog related, with an impressive trade show and a number of different competitions, all spread out across four days.

So then, it’s only right we honour Crufts with a very doggy blog this week!

I’m sure many of you reading this love to bring your doggies with you when coming to the coast on your holidays, so I thought what better way than to tell you all about our favourite dog friendly attractions!

Now I feel I should inform you at this point, that I don’t actually have a dog. I have two cats, and no, I’m not one of those who puts a lead on them and takes them out for a walk.

My cats would definitely not be impressed with thi [...]

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Happy Saint David’s Day!

Or rather, Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus!

(tad early I know!)

Whenever I think about Saint David’s Day, many happy memories from my childhood emerge. And I imagine many who grew up in Wales will share these memories.  Saint David’s Day in school usually meant a day of celebration, rather than a day of lessons!

School celebrations consisted of:

1) Dressing up – Yes, in the national costume. Boys got off lightly usually in just a rugby shirt, but us girls…we had to wear the full outfit. Black hat, tartan top, checkered apron, black skirt, white knee socks and black shoes.

2) Welsh Cakes – In my primary school, pupils took it in turn each year to make welsh cakes in the hall. [...]

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